Anza Bester, Key Account Manager says: “In the last 10 years about 80 % of South Africa´s milk producers have moved to the Eastern Cape. This is basically due to lower feeding costs. Raw milk testing has moved to the coastal areas to be closer to the milk producers. The farmers/milk producers are paid for milk quality and location for easy delivery/shipment of samples is key.”

The 150 m2 and approx. 260.000 EUR facility has CombiFoss/FT+ and culture testing of milk for isolation and identification of pathogens is planned for this year too.

“ This-state-of–the–art laboratory enhances our ability in the region to deliver raw milk testing and faster turn-around time, which is a priority to our customers and one of the key deliverables for our new testing facility” said Valmé Stewart, managing director of Merieux NutriSciences in South Africa”

The laboratory brings together equipment, experts and a Quality Systems Program: ecovered.