The long needed Ocular technology has been released – and at Raw Milk Connect we wish to congratulate the team behind, what might be considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs for microbiology testing in the dairy industry.

The Oculer technology will cut detection times for Thermoduric Bacteria from the current global standard of 72 hours to 24 hours, with an alarm to signal potential risk of the presence of the bacteria triggered in as little as six hours. In addition to testing for the presence of thermoduric bacteria in milk, the Oculer technology also identifies the source of the Thermoduric Bacteria – i.e. whether they have originated from the milking machine at farm level or from ineffective cleaning of animal’s teats prior to milking – enabling the farmer to isolate the source of the bacteria and take remedial action to avoid reoccurrence.

Milk Test New Zealand, the independent laboratory that carries out Thermoduric Bacteria testing for over 97% of the NZ Dairy industry, is scheduled to receive a system in Hamilton early in the New Year. Oculer is already reporting a very strong level of interest in its new technology from several of the largest industry players around the world.

“Milk Test New Zealand has been in dialogue with Oculer for over a year now regarding the development of a novel rapid high-volume assay for the detection and enumeration of thermoduric bacteria in raw milk”, a Milk Test New Zealand spokesperson said. “During the coming months Oculer will be installing the technology at our laboratory facilities in Hamilton, for initial testing. We see strong potential for the Oculer system to deliver operational efficiencies to our labs in New Zealand and for the global dairy industry”, she added.



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