Interview with Laerte D. Cassoli, Customer Relationship Manager, PhD
– written by Berte Asmussen, 13 September 2011


Under the farsighted management of Dr Paulo Machado, the Brazilian ‘Clinica do Leite’ has developed a range of products, including software, and services. This has resulted in 20 % of Brazilian milk being analyzed in this laboratory. During a remarkable short time he and his team of enthusiastic professionals have built up an extensive customer focused organization and a laboratory using its capacity to the maximum. 

Trying to establish what lies behind their success, Berte Asmussen has talked to Customer Relationship Manager Laerte Dagher Cassoli.

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Clinica do Leite analyze the “job to be done”


In this article Laerte Cassoli and I have touched upon many subjects. 

We hope that we have managed to intrigue and encourage you to take contact should you require more details 

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