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Analytical Week

ISO-IDF-Analytical-Week-2016 News from this years event held in Copenhagen  

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To convert or not to convert!

As this topic is on the agenda on next weeks IDF/ISO Analytical Week in Copenhagen, Raw Milk Connect has made a status of the current raw milk quality situation with a special focus on countries, which has for  many ýears applied the routine units, Individual Bacteria Counts for settlement of milk producers without converting to reference units. Read more in Bacteria Counting, […]

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Ecologists finds another cause of antibiotic resistance!

While the rapid emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has prompted the medical community, non-profit organizations, public health officials and the national media to focus on the dangers of misusing and overusing antibiotics, the University of Georgia’s J. Vaun McArthur is concerned that there’s more to the problem than the misuse of common medications.Mr McArthur, believes environmental […]

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Breaking News – a major step forward recording of Thermodurics!

The long needed Ocular technology has been released – and at Raw Milk Connect we wish to congratulate the team behind, what might be considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs for microbiology testing in the dairy industry. The Oculer technology will cut detection times for Thermoduric Bacteria from the current global standard of 72 […]

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TEMPO gets top honours – obtains NCIMS approval

The National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS, USA) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to “Assure the Safest Possible Milk Supply for All the People.” It is composed of representatives from state and local regulatory agencies from three different geographical regions, FDA, USDA, industry, laboratories and academia.  Diagnostics manufacturers who want to participate […]

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Association between lungworm status and milk production parameters in Dutch dairy herds

In the Netherlands an association between the parasite Dictyocaulus viviparous and the milk production and milk composition parameters has been analyzed. With production data from 126 herds tested positive for D. viviparous and 109 herds tested negative, the results show an average decrease in milk yield of 1.3 kg per cow. Also an average decrease […]

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Human influence on somatic cell count in US dairy herds

An American study shows that the ability to reduce somatic cell counts (SCC) and improve milk quality depends on the effective and consistent application of established mastitis control practices. Because more milk producers use non-family labor farms, the authors believe it is important to understand dairy producer attitude and belief relative to management practices and […]

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Changes in milk yield and milking frequency persist for up to 8 weeks after antibiotic treatment

Within the dairy industry the appearance of milk and withdrawal time due to antibiotic residuals in the milk are used to determine recovery status after cases of treated mastitis. However, both milk production and dairy cow behavior, including their inclination to being milked, have been shown to be affected after the normalization of milk appearance, […]

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Merieux Nutriscience opens South African raw milk testing lab

Anza Bester, Key Account Manager says: “In the last 10 years about 80 % of South Africa´s milk producers have moved to the Eastern Cape. This is basically due to lower feeding costs. Raw milk testing has moved to the coastal areas to be closer to the milk producers. The farmers/milk producers are paid for […]

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Analytical standards for milk products in China

At a recent seminar in Danish Dairy Technology Society General Manager for Eurofins-Steins Laboratory in Denmark, Svend Aage Linde gave a presentation “When ISO and IDF methods do not suffice….” – with the subtitle “Demanded documentation to milk based products exported to China.” In his presentation Svend Aage Linde made clear that the Chinese GB […]

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