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Global Raw Milk News are little appetizers picked up from a wide variety of sources, – all considered of interest for professionals within the raw milk industry.

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World Dairy Summit 2015: Do Not Dream!

Although the official theme of this year’s WDS was “Closing the nutritional gab with sustainable dairy” – the low milk prices and the current crisis for milk producers attracted a lot of attention from many speakers. A renewed emphasis is put on securing affordable and healthy milk and dairy products in a balanced diet of […]

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Optical sensors for monitoring raw milk quality

The implementation of optical sensor technology to monitor milk quality on dairy farms and milk processing plants would support the early detection of altering production process. Therefore a group of scientists are trying to optimize optical sensors with regard to the optical properties of milk.  The group aims to determine the basic visible and near-infrared […]

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Uniform IBC to CFU conversion improves TBC recording of Italian raw milk

Different IBC to CFU conversions have been identified as the major cause of lack of agreement between Italian milk payment laboratories. It is by now an established fact that conversions equations, when developed by the individual laboratories may lead to very varying CFU-results for identical raw milk quality, resulting in unfair farmer payment and closure […]

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Intensified fight of medical residues in raw and dairy products

  As multiresistant pathogen bacteria seems to be an ever increasing threat to public health, consumers and media worldwide strongly focus on reduction of antibiotic resides in food, the dairy sector has an obligation to refine the detection of these substances. With the publication of a guide to “Prudent use of Antibiotic Agents in Dairy […]

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What is YOUR opinion on penalization of milk with antiobiotic residues ! Should milk producers be penalized at detection level even if it is below MRL?

As measuring technology is becoming more and more sophisticated a dilemma arises: Should testing for antibiotic residues be focused on MRL´s (Maximum Residue Levels) or on the detection limit (DL) of a method, if DL is lower than MRL? Most consumers generally rely on the MRL´s set by experts – however if they were asked […]

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