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On Farm Separation of milk calls for attention!

Filtration or separation of the milk or just sorting cows in groups! Various ways of on farm optimization of the milk delivery to the dairy constantly are presented. There is a big economical potential in these solutions but a part from ensuring they work properly there is also a job in monitoring the quality(ies) of […]

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Who pay the best price for the milk?

– This is always of interest for the milk producers When meeting farmers and their advisors one of the questions you are always asked is ”what is your milk price?” This question may be rather easy to answer, but it does not necessarily tell where is it best to produce milk. A number of parameters […]

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Field trip gives French farm advisors new perspectives on milk production in Denmark

For two days in mid-September I had the joy of being travel guide for a large group of nutritionists from all over France and Luxemburg. And what feels better than showing your own country to foreigners when the sun is shining, everything is working according to plans and everybody  are deeply engaged in valuable discussions.  […]

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Why are we still converting the bacteria content into CFU’s?

For more than 20 years most laboratories have been analyzing the Total Bacterial Count (TBC) in Individual Bacteria Count (IBC) and then converting this result into Colony Forming Units (CFU). Everybody within the raw milk business know that this conversion at best is a rough estimate, and everybody know that it is done differently in […]

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What is YOUR opinion on penalization of milk with antiobiotic residues ! Should milk producers be penalized at detection level even if it is below MRL?

As measuring technology is becoming more and more sophisticated a dilemma arises: Should testing for antibiotic residues be focused on MRL´s (Maximum Residue Levels) or on the detection limit (DL) of a method, if DL is lower than MRL? Most consumers generally rely on the MRL´s set by experts – however if they were asked […]

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Innovation, technology and the real world

Blog post by Uffe Lauritsen, president ICAR 19-May 2011 Looking through history it is well recognized, that the success of a product or idea totally relies on the time and circumstances it was born into. It is also well known that it takes some individuals and their commitment to carry it over the bridge. Looking through […]

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Changing times ask for timely changes

The only certainty in life is change.  Change in own age and abilities, change in family circumstances, changes in society due to socio economical and political developments and changes in technology and production systems. Denial won’t work, it is no use fighting against, the only profitable approach is to understand and to adapt. The latter certainly applies […]

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An example of a new business area on feed analysis

Forage Analysis Testing is a competitive market, so why would we want to enter into it? For a number of years we were asked to look into the possibility of having a forage analysis lab. The main reason we did not was because we felt the needs were already being met in our service area.  […]

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Clinica do Leite analyze the “job to be done” – Blog with Laerte Cassoli

Interview with Laerte D. Cassoli, Customer Relationship Manager, PhD – written by Berte Asmussen, 13 September 2011   Under the farsighted management of Dr Paulo Machado, the Brazilian ‘Clinica do Leite’ has developed a range of products, including software, and services. This has resulted in 20 % of Brazilian milk being analyzed in this laboratory. During […]

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Do large dairy herds need DHI?

The answer to this question became more open to me during my visit to a 10.000 cow dairy herd in Nevada which is not joining a DHI program. Health in this herd was above average according to the vets servicing the herd. Milk production and quality, reproduction and replacement rate was fine! So, what does […]

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