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We invite all industry specialists to write blog posts to get different opinions and backgrounds on various issues. If you feel you have an interesting subject you want to share with other raw milk professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us – and you may be our next Raw Milk Blogger. Comments to blog posts are posted straight away, so everybody can read and/or reply immediately.


“The Key to Survival is Change”

Rick Bealer, General Manager, Southern Countries DHIA   This said 2009 was a year that was extremely challenging. One we would like to forget, but would be better served by remembering. The nation’s economy continued to flounder despite efforts to turn it around. Global economy was down as well, dramatically reducing the amount of dairy […]

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“We have been quite successful in approaching the banks”

I am writing this post as a more detailed response to Rick Bealer’s blog post 13 Nov 2011 “The Key to Survival is Change” It is obvious that when milk prices drop dramatically and herds stop existing then the number of farms being serviced by DHI will drop too. In our county, however, we have […]

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What makes the participation in IDF/ISO working groups so worthwhile for laboratory professionals?

The work of organizations like IDF and ISO has become increasingly more important to everyday work in the labs. As most labs today deal regularly with accreditation and recommendations laid down by auditors, more emphasis is put on the IDF and ISO analytical standards. The need for timely updates and new standards is obvious. Think […]

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How can the proficiency of your inhibitor testing be monitored?

From Dr. Christian Baumgartner (Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. and AiM GmbH, Germany) and Christa Bout (QSE GmbH, Germany), Raw Milk Connect has received one recipe on how to do this which has proved to be successful to many labs in Central Europe.               Most laboratories are using quite some resources […]

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Introduction of a Continuous Improvement Framework to Herd Testing in New Zealand

For the past 18 months we have been changing the way we work across the Operations and Customer Service group at LIC (Livestock Improvement Corporation). This group includes the end-to-end delivery of herd testing across all of New Zealand. We partnered with the Kaizen institute of New Zealand and introduced a continuous improvement (CI) framework […]

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Milk and Dairy Institute Hüfner- a worldwide secret

Berte Asmussen vent to Germany to interview Dr Josef Hüfner on his Milk Standards – but found – much to her surprise – a busy Institute humming with activities centered around microbiology and cheese making. The Institute offers consulting on all aspects on dairy microbiology, ranging from on farm hygiene over starter cultures to shelf […]

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Focus on France, – this time!

Our series of articles focusing on milk analyses and advisory service in North West France has come to an end. Please let us have your comments! Over the last 6 weeks we have uploaded 4 articles describing activities in one of the regions in France with the highest milk production. Raw Milk Connect visited Clasel […]

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How can we all improve business?

It is undisputable that dairy farmers have gained much from milk recording over time! – And that much can still be gained! By using already available info better, – by implementing new parameters, – and by increasing efficiency in present procedures. By the end of May hundreds of milk recording enthusiasts will meet in Cork, […]

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One Level Up

The latest 10 years development in analytical methods for milk has put the entire recording world steps ahead; – one could say One Level Up. However the analysis in the lab is the terminal step for a milk sample, and the value of this step is based on the previous history from the cow until […]

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Pregnancy tests on DHI samples A new opportunity to the herd manager!

At the ICAR meeting in Cork market release was announced on a new ELISA based pregnancy test. It will soon be possible to test milk recording samples arriving to your lab for pregnancy confirmation. This has been wishful thinking for many years, – and there still seem to be limitations. But it looks promising! If […]

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