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We invite all industry specialists to write blog posts to get different opinions and backgrounds on various issues. If you feel you have an interesting subject you want to share with other raw milk professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us – and you may be our next Raw Milk Blogger. Comments to blog posts are posted straight away, so everybody can read and/or reply immediately.


Reaching high operator enthusiasm in a large milk testing laboratory!

Have you ever had to ask your instrument operators to work overtime on Christmas day? Or to tell a faithful employee that he is making too many errors? Look here for solutions to the most frequently occurring challenges in busy milk laboratories, which daily analyze large sample throughput. Over the last months I have received […]

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Appreciative Leadership the Scandinavian way

In Scandinavia it is all about “Appreciative Leadership”. Some would say that it is exaggerated- a job is a job and not a social event! Journalist Gunnar Lomborg who writes for “Laboranten”, Danish magazine for Laboratory Technicians, gives his input to the discussion about Human Resource Management in laboratories. If the work is boring, salary […]

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Milk Pregnancy Test on DHI samples available!

We have just been informed that the milk pregnancy test, announced to come from IDEXX during the ICAR meeting this summer, has been launched October 1st. It is now possible to confirm pregnancy from day 35 after gestation on routine DHI samples using proven ELISA technology. The duration of the test is 4 hours.  In […]

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Carry Over, a challenge which will now be handled by ICAR

During this year´s ICAR meeting in Aarhus sample identity, including carry-over of milk from a previous sample, was the main topic. With the widespread use of increasingly sensitive laboratory techniques, such as PCR and ELISA, carry-over is still a critical issue! Tove Asmussen has summarized the wealth of information presented at the workshop. For years […]

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Johne´s disease, – are progresses made?

Johne´s desease is probably found in minimum 80 % of all dairy herds in most countries! It is costly, when cows  must be culled when the infection becomes clinical in 3rd lactation but research also proves that subclinical infected cows also has a lower production than uninfected animals in the same herd! So for sure […]

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The Dairy production and sustainability!

The entire crew from Raw Milk Connect has just returned from a very successful World Dairy Summit in Parma, Italy! All days, especially during the breaks, we experienced high interest in our project, establishing the Raw Milk Connect Portal. Receiving great feedback from all over the world, we returned home with a gut feeling that […]

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Why we think Knowledge Share is important to the Raw Milk Industry

Blog post by Berte Asmussen 19-May 2011  Within any business, knowledge share is imperative – this also goes for the globally widespread raw milk industry. This is proved when for example a number of competent people from different countries together develop ISO/IDF Standards. It was also proved when more than 150 professionals decided to invest […]

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